The Extra Mile

It was quiet. The chatter was gone, the laughter was gone, the cheering was gone.

It was cold. The crisp October morning. The goosebumps. My visible breath in front of me.

It was dark. The sun would be rising soon.

It was passion. It was determination. It was sweat. It was fight. It was goals. It was the journey.

It’s not crowded in the extra mile. Often times you find yourself alone. Going the extra mile. Shooting the extra shoots. Getting the extra reps. This is where so much change happens.

So often our mind goes to the physical practice because that’s what’s familiar, but there’s another component that is vital.

The Mental Game

Quite often, I ask athletes and students these questions.

If you were to break it down into percentages, how much of the game is physical? How much of the game is mental.

More often than not, the responses are quite similar. 80/20, 90/10 with the mental game being more important. Sometimes 50/50.

Followed by the question how much time do you spend working on the mental side of the game?

Crickets, thinking faces, confusion, maybe realization.

Regardless of what you or I or anyone thinks the answer is…one thing remains the same. The mental side of preparation and performance is important. However, as a youth athlete we learn the physical; we don’t learn the mental. We learn the fundamentals of dribbling a ball, correct form, avoiding bad habits. It’s all vital!

So are the fundamentals of a solid mindset!

However, just as doing the extra physical practice can be quite lonely. This is another area that you may find yourself flying solo. There’s not time for that. Sport psychology is only for elite athletes. I don’t have a problem so I’m good. I don’t know how to practice mental skills. I’m not buying into that. Just be mentally tough.

Learning mental skills for performance is for you! If you want to tap into another side of your performance and are willing to put in the extra mile, reach out today! I’d love to chat with you and show you how to bring awareness and strategy to the mental side of your performance!

Published by Brooke Fuller

Hey there! I'm Brooke. I have four kids and an awesome husband. I teach psychology and am currently working on my doctoral degree in sport and performance psychology. I am a photographer. I write. I love Jesus. I think being high maintenance is way overrated and people should just relax and enjoy life more!

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