Frequently Asked Questions

Do you meet with athletes virtually? Yes! At this time, I am only working with athletes via zoom.

Do you offer counseling services? No ma’am/sir! I am not a licensed counselor. My focus is on mental skills training and teaching athletes skills that can impact their mindset within their performance domain. If you are looking for a counselor in Oklahoma I am happy to refer; if you are in a different state and aren’t sure where to start, please check out for counselors who may be a good fit for you.

Can you meet with my child? I have met with athletes from a variety of ages/levels/sports, but at this time I typically work with high school athletes and up. If your child is younger than high school age, I am happy to tell you about my online mental skills training course or refer you to another consultant.

Did you play sports? Yes, I did! Track, cross country, and basketball.

If I sign up, how often do we meet? I understand the hectic schedule of an athlete. Most often, I meet with athletes once a week or every other week, but there are several athletes who prefer to meet before at certain times in their training or before “big” games or performances throughout a six month period. I tailor each plan to meet your specific needs.

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