Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs, but a few common mental skills that are often addressed in individual programs are: anxiety management, pre-performance routines, imagery, confidence, effective self-talk, refocus routines, athletic identity, awareness, mindfulness, concentration, goal setting, overcoming burnout, and coping with injuries. Skills that can be used for both sports and life. These sessions are interactive, fun, and focused on your goals both inside and outside of sports. Face-to-face and virtual mental skills services are available.

COMING SOON: Self-Paced Online Training Course

Maybe you’re ready to start learning about the mental game, but you know you’d like to work at your own pace. The online training includes a mental skills training guide as well as videos to provide you with additional information on how to use the MST guide. This training can stand alone or be used in conjunction with one-on-one sessions.

Don’t let your worst enemy live between your own two ears.”

-Laird Hamilton